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Friends and family members may offer help but a structured group or program can be more effective in providing a plan that can keep you on track toward your goal of recovery. It provides a safe space for sharing your experiences and challenges, while also offering a new network to connect with as you try to live a sober lifestyle. Many of the online groups here offer 24/7 access to an online community and resources and tools that can help motivate and guide you. Best of all, most of these online sobriety groups require no membership fees. Which one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal needs and goals. In sober living homes, residents follow rules, such as adherence to sobriety, participation in household chores, and attendance at group meetings.

What are the symptoms of alcohol use disorder?

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  • While Loosid and Club Soda are more geared toward socializing, LifeRing and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are focused on recovery.
  • These homes can offer an in-between option for individuals after they complete a treatment program and before they return to their homes and lives.
  • Halfway houses, on the other hand, typically have a time limit and require residents to either be attending a treatment program or have recently completed one.
  • They provide a sense of connection and support that helps people avoid relapse.

We know there isn’t one “correct” path to alcohol recovery because we know each person has a unique story and an individual destination. It doesn’t matter if you are back to day 0 or are celebrating year 15, our online alcohol-free community is here to give strength and to rejoice in your human experience. We created The Sober 90 to provide a simple entry point for people who are new to sobriety. It’s also perfect for not-so-new folks who need extra support and community.

Who should not use online alcohol support groups?

It also works with the hospitality industry to encourage more offerings to people who choose not to drink alcohol. Club Soda bills itself as the “Mindful Drinking Movement” and was designed for those who want to cut down, stop briefly, or quit drinking altogether. It offers a “How to Drink Mindfully” program and also a one-month reset refresher course. Club Soda also published a book, “How to Be a Mindful Drinker,” and has a Sober House monthly podcast with tips to change your drinking, events, and interviews. Therefore, the goal of LifeRing is to strengthen a person’s Sober Self and weaken their Addict Self by connecting with others and sharing encouragement, advice, and strength. LifeRing does not require you to follow a step-by-step program; instead, you design your own program, as only you know the best path forward and the changes you need to make.

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Compare The Best Online Sobriety Support Groups

This collective effort not only makes the process more manageable but also enriches your experience with meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime. Many sober living homes are connected with local therapy groups, counseling services, and job training programs. This access ensures you have the tools and support necessary to deal with life’s challenges without reverting to old habits.

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Whether you’re a mum with a baby through to 16 year old, I highly recommend you checking out their support community to help you this year. A relatively new group, having started up since the Covid-19 pandemic, I predict big things for the Sober Mom Squad for 2021 and beyond. The group has been put together by leading sober influencers – Emily Lynn Paulson, Jen Elizabeth, Michelle Smith, Celeste Yvonne and Jessica Landon. It’s a support community aimed at moms looking to reduce or remove alcohol from their lives altogether. It’s a safe space for people to join to post questions about sobriety or just their feelings in general.

The Statements are foundational and, as you grow in your recovery, they grow with you. I used the online message boards and chats as there wasn’t a local meeting and the support system there was invaluable. I hope the above list of support communities aid you this year with your sobriety journey. According to a research study by NCBI, having access to sober communities and support groups reduce the risk of relapse after treatment. Several medical experts have found a relationship between addiction and loneliness. According to British journalist Johann Hari, one way to cancel dependence and speed up recovery is by connecting with a community of like-minded persons.

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روزی که تصمیم مهاجرت به کشور ترکیه-استانبول رو گرفتم،متاسفانه سایت و منبع کاملی برای پاسخگویی به سوالاتم نبود،وقتیکه سختی این راه رو چشیدم به خودم گفتم ای کاش کسی بدون در نظر داشتن منافع شخصی خودش،صادقانه من رو راهنمای میکرد....پش الان که راه و چاه مهاجرت و زندگی در ترکیه رو یاد گرفتم،خودم استانبول سرا رو ساختم..

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